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Real Egging Pack

Whitning Moisturizing!

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Real Egging Pack

Whitning Moisturizing!

Toad in the hole

Perhaps Britain's least appetisingly-named meal, this dish of sausages in Yorkshire pudding batter is said to have gained its unusual moniker because it looks like toads popping their heads from a hole

Bubble and squeak

Once upon a time, thrifty Britons with left-over vegetabes and potatoes from a roast dinner wouldn't have even considered throwing them away - they'd have fried the remnants up to make bubble and squeak.

Welsh rarebit/rabbit

Tourists in Wales must be regularly disappointed to find that the traditional "rabbit" they've ordered is little more than a gourmet version of cheese on toast.

Cullen skink

A speciality from the town of Cullen on Scotlands north-east coast, Cullen skink is a thick soup made from haddock, poatoes and onions.

Stargazey pie

Stargazey pie sounds rather quaint, but this Cornish dish of pilchards baked under a pastry crust won't appeal to everyone - it traditionally has fish heads poking through the crust, so they appear to be gazing up at the sky.

Singing hinnies

A rather delightful name for a northern dish of currant cakes cooked on a griddle. "Singing" refers to the sizzling sound of the cakes as they cook in fat, while "hinny" is, of course, a northern term of endearment.

Angels on horseback

This traditional Victorian appetizer of oysters wrapped in bacon and grilled is little known today. But the snack's dastardly cousin, the devil on horseback (prunes or dates wraped in bacon, pictured right) is still a common feature of our Christmas dinners.


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